Fusion Five Mentor Program

Our  Mentorship Program will give members an exclusive, ongoing opportunity to connect
with established community mentors to foster growth and connection at the personal and professional level.

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This opportunity provides Fusion Five members with direct and exclusive access to local mentors in our community who can help guide them towards their personal and professional goals. If you are interested in participating in this opportunity please download and review the resource guide.

Mentees are paired in groups (1 mentor to 3 members) with community mentors from a variety of backgrounds. The program will kicks off with a meet and greet and continues for four months with with a minimum of once a month group mentor meetings, ending with a closing reception.

There are limited slots available for the program and are first come first serve. Make sure you are prepared by:

  • Ensuring you have reviewed the resource guide and FAQ thoroughly (Beneath the Form).
  • Confirming your membership is up to date (this is a member exclusive opportunity).
  • Reviewing the application questions here.
  • Signing the Code of Conduct.
  • Having a headshot and a short bio ready to submit with your application.
  • Bookmarking this page so you can find it quickly when applications open!

Thank you for your interest!
All spots for the 2024 Mentorship Program are filled.



Frequently Asked Questions

The 2024 program schedule is as follows:

February 19– Applications Open
March 8– Applications Close
April 16– Meet & Greet; 5: 30 pm @ Panorama Music House
May 1August 31– Monthly group meetings
September 18– Wrap Up Breakfast; TBD

Mentees will complete an application form and a committee will use the information provided to determine the type of mentors our members wish to learn from. From there mentors will be selected and a committee will pair each mentor with no more than three mentees.

Other than the annual membership fee, and thanks to the generous support of Healthy Image, there are no additional program fees planned at this time. Future years will be determined based on sponsorships.

Mentors and Mentees are responsible for any food, drink, or transportation costs associated with individual meetings and are not reimbursable by Fusion Five.

We understand that sometimes schedules will conflict, but this program is for your benefit so please try and attend all events and meetings. If a conflict does occur, reach out to your mentor and let them know as soon as possible.

The only requirement we have is that Mentors meet with their Mentees a minimum of once a month. The meetings can be at any time during the day and at any public and/or professional location as agreed upon between the Mentors and Mentees. Groups are more than welcome to meet more frequently if they wish. We would prefer meetings be in-person when possible, but do understand if virtual formats are required.

Unfortunately no, a committee will determine the matches, but we will use the information provided to us in your application to make the best match possible for both individuals and the mentors.

No. This is an opportunity for you to grow your knowledge and develop personally and professionally. Please do not attempt to sell or solicit your business or your product with your Mentor or your other mentees. Doing so may result in you being asked to leave the program.

Yes! Below are several links to resources that may help drive your mentor and mentee conversations. Please note, these are generic goal setting and mentor resources freely available online and linked here for convenience. They do not reflect the views and opinions of Fusion Five, nor are they the property of the organization.

Reach out to either Athena Gieger or Mitchell Woods with any questions or concerns you may have at [email protected].